Danielle is experienced in cetacean research, as well as marine mammal stranding response and necropsy. Her passion for cetaceans developed while growing up on the west coast of South Africa, where, as a young girl, she would spend hours observing them from shore. In high school, she volunteered on a Southern right whale feeding ecology project led by the Mammal Research Institute’s Whale Unit. Here, she got her first introduction to marine mammal fieldwork at sea and later went on to complete her BSc and honours degrees in Marine Biology. Her MSc research focused on the abundance and habitat use of the endangered Indian Ocean humpback dolphin population along the Garden Route coast between 2014-2017. Since then she obtained her category C skippers license, which enabled her to leed routine boat-based surveys as part of a collaborative monitoring project she developed and managed between 2018-2019, to further study this endangered species. During this time she has also worked closely with international volunteers from the ORCA Foundation to facilitate the collection of accurate opportunistic data on board Ocean Blue Adventures’ whale and dolphin watching vessels. Danielle has now been actively involved in marine mammal research as a volunteer, intern, student and professional biologist for over 10 years. She is currently preparing for a 13 month overwintering expedition on remote sub-Antarctic Marion Island where she will be conducting intensive fieldwork on killer whales for the University of Pretoria’s long-running marine mammal monitoring programme.